DebtCleanse™ was founded by Jorge P. Newbery, a successful entrepreneur who lost everything to a freak act of nature and found himself $26 million in debt. Jorge fought back and is now debt free. The DebtCleanse™ system was built around the strategies Jorge learned and developed in the process of eliminating his own debt.

After 6 months of learning, designing, and re-building, we successfully created a functional version of the DebtCleanse App. This helped increase our user base drastically.

My Role

  • Branding
  • UI/UX Design
  • Visual Design
  • Journey Mapping
  • Wireframing
  • Prototypes
  • Creative Director
  • Interaction Design
  • Information Architecture




Duration: 2018-2022


We embarked on this project to help people with unaffordable debt and to teach them money management while obtaining the financial freedom everyone deserves.

While debt consolidation web apps do exist, there aren't many that take on debt amounts less than 20 grand and directly match them with an attorney that fits their needs. Many of these apps don't offer those features, and the user experience is often lacking. We wanted the design of our solution to provide an intuitive and great experience for our users and give them the piece of mind that we are here to help.


While my team had some knowledge of debt products, we had to research on how to make our service trustworthy and intuitive. We were diving into a new world of development tools, protocols, and potential issues when working with these technologies.

Because of this ambiguity, we did not know what challenges to plan for but knew they would arise. We were prepared to cut scope on initial requirements as necessary to deliver a functional MVP.

Success Criteria

For the project to be considered a success, we would deliver a functional web application built for the user in mind. It would be responsive across web and mobile and work entirely in the browser.

The app would be a debt relief platform allowing users to easily get matched with an attorney, share debt information and set up key strategy sessions to help fight against creditors.

By creating a whole new brand identity while focusing on an intuitive interface for the website and consumer facing app this could help bring trust and a bigger user base.

User Personas

Creating personas for our users to understand their struggles and how we could solve them.

Mapping the Experience

I mapped out potential user flows and collaborated with my team to get the experience right.


Next, I turned initial flows into low fidelity wireframes to continue working out the user experience and information architecture of the application.


The main problem for this task was to make the sign up process as smooth as possible. Before the redesign the sign up process had about 20 screens for the user to go through. After doing some A/B testing we took that data and implemented it into the final onboarding experience with only 6 screens.

Visual Styles

As wireframes gained fidelity, I established a design system for DebtCleanse, including visual styles and UI components. This system increased efficiency during high fidelity design iteration and helped maintain consistency across the platform.

Final Branding

After multiple iterations of the logo and colors we finally landed on one that would set the tone for the new and improved look.

The Solution

After several rounds of design iteration and development experimentation, we created a functional version of the DebtCleanse app.

After months we researched extensively, iterated rapidly, overcame various challenges, and successfully implemented a responsive application for the DebtCleanse app which allows users to connect with an attorney in real time to help gain financial freedom.


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