I'm Alex Carver, a multidisciplinary designer based in Chicago, Illinois.

As an avid believer in the power of human-centered design, I am fascinated by user interaction and people-based problem-solving. I approach design empathetically and focus on understanding the latent needs and emotions of the people who I am designing for, aiming to create clear, impactful solutions to enrich their lives.

I have worked on projects in UI/UX, web design, branding and identity, mobile design, signage and wayfinding, and print design. I enjoy collaboration, analog and digital experimentation, and learning about new tools and approaches to continue enhancing my design process.

Outside of work, my interests include creating art in photoshop, traveling, gaming, and listening to music/podcasts.

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REVIV UI/UX | Branding 2021-Present

Deliver quality designs ready for deployment with necessary documentation for successful implementation.

Turn concepts into graphic elements matching project specifications.

Distill complex features and content into simple visual elements.

Follow and apply brand standards for consistency across visual designs.

Create user-centered designs with integrated marketing information, creative assets, and design patterns.

DebtCleanse UI/UX | Branding 2018-2021

Led the creative process through original ideas and inspiration of 10 different companies.

Created design solutions for rich web applications, including strategy decks, wireframes, flowcharts, prototypes, feature matrices, and detailed visual mockups.

Applied both qualitative and quantitative analysis techniques to continuously improve end-user experiences..

Used Agile Scrum model to deliver solutions with high level of flexibility and adaptability.

Employed design fundamentals when selecting typography, composition, layout and color in design work.

Freelance UI/UX | Branding | Development 2014-Present

Updated old code bases to modern development standards, improving functionality.

Collaborated with porject managers to set milestones on pre-release software development.

Built highly functional web applications using JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

Led the creative proccess and branding for multiple companies.

Presented storyboards, wireframes, high-fidelity mockups and prototypes.


Northwestern University UI/UX | Full Stack Web Development

University of Michigan User Experience Research And Design


UI/UX Design

Visual Design

Concepting & Ideation



Interaction Design

Product Management

Information Architecture

Web Design

User Research

Usability Testing

Branding & Identity

Design & Art Direction

Print/Layout Design

Mobile Design

Logo Design

Web Development

Graphic Design

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